Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wiki-fying Youngstown

About six months ago I had the pleasure to stumble across a little known website called Wikipedia. By little known, I mean I was one of the last people in my age bracket to learn about it. Upon browsing the articles on the site, I learned that there was so much the world can know about Youngstown that wasn't published elsewhere in a concise fashion. Therefore, I began to create and edit article relating to Youngstown. In such time I have created articles on The Vindicator, the Youngstown Fire Department, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, Ursuline High School and the best sports team ever to play in Youngstown, the Pride. I have edited the main Youngstown article and countless others. All are works in progress, requiring the skills and knowledge of others to finish. So, if you are ever bored at work and want to spend some time on your editing skills, put them to work on Wikipedia... and maybe just share some of your Youngstown knowledge!

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