Monday, June 12, 2006

T.P. Lowry, 16

The North Side lost a legend on Saturday when T.P. Lowry, 16, was killed in a tragic vehicle accident. T.P. was a lifelong resident of the North Heights neighborhood, living on Bradley Lane for the last 13 years.

T.P. was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed birdwatching and hunting small game. He was particularly fond of the neighborhood squirrels who were constantly under his gaze. While T.P. never had a formal education, it could be said that he was educated on the streets of Youngstown. It was there that he learned to fight, challenging anyone that threatened him, his family or his home. He was also fond of sleeping, eating, and throwing up from overeating, which he was known to do on a near daily basis.

T.P. is survived by his parents, Pat and Becky and three siblings, Joe, Caroline and Colleen. He had several cousins in the neighborhood as well. A private service was held on Sunday.

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