Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy editing Wikipedia articles. It is scary that hours of my day are spent editing content on that site. I do have to admit that it has some fine articles on Youngstown-related subjects.

Anyway, Youngstown is in the national news again and in several different venues. First is the headline story of Donna Moonda, accused of being part of a love triangle gone bad. Moonda is charged along with Damian Bradford of killing Dr. Gulam Moonda in an attempt to claim his millions. Like all of these plots, they failed. In a plot easily predicted, Bradford rats out Moonda, cops a plea and she gets hosed. Case closed.

Round Two: The Washington Express (DC's mini-Post for subway commuters) recently ran a front page sidebar which highlighted why all politics in Youngstown is in some way dirty. Litter-control coordinator George Finnerty III has been accused of keeping a messy property, strewn with boxes, furniture, tires and other trash. Typical of all Youngstown politicians, he claims he was just working to keep our local garbagemen employed.

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