Monday, April 02, 2007

Talk about a busy day...

So, pretend you are Billy Jack Fitzmorris. You wake up not feeling well so you have some friends take you to the hospital. The difference between you and Billy Fitzmorris is that you can walk out your front door and Fitzmorris requires his cell opened and an armed escort to the hospital.

Unless you live in a cage, you know what is going on right now. If not, turn on your favorite network news. I prefer CNN but feel free to turn on MSNBC or *gulp* FOX News.

I can't even imagine how Fitzsimmons found time to overpower a guard and hold a few people hostage, drive from Youngstown to Hillaird, rob at least two banks and lock himself up in a house. ALL BEFORE LUNCH! Youngstown to Hilliard is about three hours. Assuming it takes a few minutes to rob these banks, he got moving pretty early this morning.

While I don't condone his violent streak, including armed robbery, home invasion, and kidnapping, I do applaud him for getting up early this morning and really working hard today. We need to see more go-getters and hardworking Americans like this (just not committing crimes, that's all!).

Seriously, storm the house and get the guy already!


Liz said...

I must live in a cave. Looking up news now.

Crime News said...

On Wednesday in Columbus, a Federal District Court jury convicted Billy Jack Fitzmorris of all seven crimes he committed following his escape from custody. Fitzmorris faces a possible maximum sentence of 25 years for each of the bank robberies, a mandatory 25 years on each of the gun charges consecutively to any other sentence, up to 10 years imprisonment for possessing a firearm, up to five years imprisonment for escape, and up to life imprisonment for the hostage taking.