Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Noise hell?

I have no idea how come people find out about Youngstown, including Noise Free America, an advocacy group trying to keep things library-quiet. According to an article in The Hill (A newspaper covering Congress), Youngstown is "noise hell." Noise Free America claims that "Youngstown's citizens are still inundated with bass booming cars, blaring music, incessant barking dogs, junky cars without mufflers, thunderous backyard fireworks shows, rumbling motorcycles, and loud gunshots. In short, noise levels in Youngstown are completely out of control."

The Hill article, published today, relates Youngstown's Noisy Dozen award to that of Washington, D.C. Youngstown has claimed the award twice, first in February 2002 and again in July 2006. Washington is the most recent winner. Warren, Ohio claimed the title in May 2007.

Youngstown has since strengthened its noise ordinance. I'm curious to know what Noise Free America would think now.


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Larry said...

What evidence would you accept in order to believe that there are places in Youngstown that are noisy as tarnation? That's right. You can hear a pin drop at any hour of the day or night anywhere in Youngstown. Oh, and let's hear how Youngstown has "since strengthened its noise ordinace", please. Post URLs and valid statistics that the ordinance is "working". Thanks ever so much. And don't just say "I've seen the ordinance and I hear that it's working."