Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WFMJ covers bloggers

This morning I got a call from Glenn Stevens of WFMJ. They are doing a story on blogging and Youngstown. Like Tyler Clark of Youngstown Renaissance, I was out of town, which is obvious since I live out of town.

Reglaardless, the story ran on the 6 p.m. broadcast but didn't make the 11 p.m. cut.

YoungstownPride was at least mentioned according to my sources and I know Phil Kidd of Defend Youngstown, Jim Cossler of the YBI, and Mike Garvey of M7 Technologies were interviewed. I have no idea what else they mentioned or who was featured.

If anyone has detailed, email me or drop some comments. Thanks!


Update: I found the video. Nice job by Phil, Jim and Mike. The mayor was even featured. Maybe this will be the motivation to get him to post more frequently. I posted the link to the video so you don't have to go wandering through WFMJ's 'crowded' website.

Video link

Oddly enough, I saw a massive increase in visitors to the blog on Tuesday before the story ran, but a much smaller crowd yesterday, the day the story ran. I thought maybe the name drop and the general story on bloggers might push people to check them out. Although, maybe the others did; I didn't.

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