Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gone like Sheet and Tube

After four years, it's unfortunetly time to hang it up. I just don't have the time due to work, being heavily involved in a volunteer fire department, and the fact that I live three states away. I wish all of my former readers the best of luck in '08.

Defend Youngstown.


Joe Lowry


Lou said...

Aww Man, First my brother-in-law quits his blog in Cleveland, Now you're leaving.

And you're not the only blogger getting scarce around here.

Well, the next time I see you I'll buy you a beer!

Janko said...


You fought the good fight. I say even if you post once a month, 12 times a year is better than nothing. Or even once a year.

all of your thoughts and opinions are always wanted.

Especially the whole "true northsider" thing. Genius.

my 2 cents.

Tyler said...

Hope you reconsider. We all get busy. Even irregular posting from you is a welcome voice of reason. Best regards.

Mike Prelee said...

Good luck, Joe. It's sad to see the Youngstown blogosphere shrink. Maybe you could still post from time to time.

John Ettorre said...

Joe, let me add to the chorus calling for you to reconsider. Like your other commenters, I'd be happy to get even the occasional dispatch here. But I'll also understand if you decide otherwise. I've enjoyed it while it lasted, and good luck with all your other ventures. Keep doing John Carroll grads everywhere proud.

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good luck with the new ventures!

Mark P. said...

Enjoyed your blog and thanks for the shout out on the logo wear.