Monday, November 30, 2009

Back for a little while

My initial objection to being a casual writer to this blog was that my readership, assuming I had one, would get frustrated at long gaps between posts. I felt that I brought some closure to my initial (4-year) attempt at this blog by at least telling people that I wasn't coming back any more.

Next thing I know, the city decides to sell Fire Station 7. I later learned that it was a planned move and in the budget documents for a year. Regardless, no one was annoyed, frustrated or outraged at the move. No discussion occurred and it all went unsaid. I took the opportunity to write a rather disheveled entry about sentimental thoughts and poor development choices. I felt that the entire event going unmentioned outside of The Vindicator wasn't appropriate.

It got my juices flowing again. Sort of. Maybe I will post once a week; maybe my posts will be months apart. Maybe the Youngstown Pride will win the 2010 WBL World Championship. There are a lot of uncertainties ahead, but I may try and blog about them.

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