Monday, March 07, 2005

Amtrak Service Comes To A Hault in Youngstown


Amtrak rail service in Youngstown has ended, but some city leaders say they plan to fight to bring it back.

Amtrak says it can no longer afford to serve Youngstown on the line connecting New York and Chicago. Councilwoman Carol Rimedio-Righetti of the 4th Ward, says, she hopes with the valley's congressmen, and petitions signed recently by a local group, they can lobby amtrak to bring service to the city in around a year.

Almost 4500 people used the Amtrak Service every year in Youngstown.


From the Toledo Blade

... Dominic Liberatore, the executive director of the Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers, conceded that the train's absence will be felt more in Youngstown and Akron than it will in Fostoria. The eastern Ohio cities averaged 10 and 19 passengers per night, respectively, and like Fostoria will lose their only Amtrak train service.

"The cities of Akron and Youngstown are losing a significant transportation choice," Mr. Liberatore said. Youngstown will be especially bereft, he said, because it lacks commercial air service and Greyhound has reduced its bus operations there.

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