Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley - formerly known as the West Federal Street YMCA building Sully Johnson operated the Booker T. Washington Settlement at West Federal Street and West Madison Avenue. In 1926, the center moved to a new location on West Federal Street and became the West Federal Street YMCA for the black community. In 1931, a new building was erected where the West Federal Branch operated for 43 years before merging with the main YMCA branch downtown. The area that housed the Belmont Branch YMCA was a slum area, and the YMCA wanted to reach out to the people there. Inside, they had all the facilities that were in the Central Branch, and a really nice gym and pool. It was in it's day a beautiful facility. Now that the Rescue Mission owns the building, the gym is gone, but the pool is still used, and many of the smaller churches use it for baptisms. The building now serves as the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley. The apartments are still used.

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