Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Letter to the Editor - 2010 is important for us all

This is a Letter to the Editor from the 3/1/05 issue of The Jambar.


2010 is an important part of history here in Youngstown, Ohio, and also for Youngstown State University. Although we all are not part of the 2010 campaign, that does not mean we can sit idly by and look at this city and not lend a helping hand. We are all apart of this community whether we like it or not. Whether we commute to class or live on campus, this is still our environment. As a community and a university we should seek to make this town a better place than when we first arrived.

Whether this is to volunteer our time, donate our money, or lobby political leaders or businesses to pay attention makes no difference. The fact remains that we need to open our minds to the prospects of doing something besides running to our classes and then running to our cars. Without an understanding of our environment, we can not have an understanding of each other, and without that we first do not get a true view of what college can be, and second, we do not experience what is called humanity.

Get involved, get informed and stay intrigued. To the credit of the Jambar, we as students need a paper institution in order to keep us informed of the processes around us, yet we also have to go beyond printed information and make that information relevant by our actions. Get online, read the Vindicator and the Jambar. But by all means, get out, get involved and give of your time, money or skills. We are all smart and intelligent people, so why do we not show this town, state and nation what we are made of and what we are all about? If we do that, then we will feel better about ourselves and we will have accomplished much more in our lives.

-Joe Iesue

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