Thursday, August 17, 2006

Northsider looking big

Well, early this week was my story of Phil Kidd who wanted to move to Youngstown. Now comes the tale of a guy named Allen (last name not provided) who, while no longer living in Youngstown, is dumping tons of cash into the very North Side I grew up on. Two awesome stories in one week. It is a small miracle, no less. Allen is creating a company called Northside Renaissance Properties, LLC, which will be based on the North Side of Youngstown.

His mission is to acquire vacant, abandoned and distressed properties in and around the Wick Park Historic District and rehabilitate them, bringing them TOTALLY up to the current building code, and then either rent them or resell them to owners who will become owner/occupants.

His goal is to provide safe, decent housing for folks - whether they wish to rent or to own - and make our neighborhoods whole again. Among other things, every rental property he rehabs will have an ADT security system installed into it. (No Youngstown home is complete without one!)

According to Allen, they currently are flipping or in the process of buying properties on Woodbine Street, Illinois Avenue and Bryson Street.

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