Thursday, August 31, 2006

Something to Crow About

Well, the day we have all waited for is here! Today is the official opening of the 160th Canfield Fair. Days of apple dumplings, harness racing, elephant ears, and kiddie rides lay ahead! I know that from year to year there are not elemental changes to the fair. We see the same reenactments at the Western Reserve Village. We see the same chocolate chip cookies winning the baked goods competition and the same 640lb pumpkinds taking first prize but that is what I love about it. It is so familar, and such a part of the Mahoning Valley. I go every year because I want the same Molnar's cinnamon roll or Antone's cavatelli. It is the one day (or two or three) of the year that I can be an absolute glutton by eating anything I want, see tractors, get a free Vindicator, and run into ten people or more that I know. How often does that happen? All told, probably just once a year and only at the fair.

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