Monday, May 21, 2007

Review: The Golden Dawn

You are missing out if you don't know the difference between a Jumbo and a schooner. The latter being cold and frothy, the former a piping hot sirloin steak burger between two slices of Schwebel's finest white. These are two staple items at one of Youngstown's staple restaurants - The Golden Dawn.

A North Side tradition almost since the inception of the North Side, the Golden Dawn opened in 1934. It has long been the place to go after those Ursuline football games or before a Steelhound's game to enjoy great food at a price which will blow you away.

  • Pizza: $5.25

  • Beer: $1.10

  • Fries: $1.20
If you go, try the pizza (although, if you are reading this, you have probably already been there). The pie is a different take, slim on the sauce with slices of provolone on top, but truly delicious. You also can't go wrong with the aforementioned Jumbo or the cavatelli, made with homemade sauce.

As for the schooner's, expect nothing less than Genesee Lager on tap, and nothing else. Want a Bud Light? No problem; it comes in a bottle. Want a Coors Light? Too bad. As one innocent young lady was once sternly told, "We don't serve non-union beer here." (For those not in the know, a schooner is a 15 fl.oz. beer. You order simply by stating, "I'll have a schooner". Beer appears 3 minutes later.)

Brothers Ralph and Carmen Naples have run the place since 1960, and at 87 and 86 respectively, they show no sign of slowing down. They are always there for a friendly hello or a goodbye after the check's been paid.

Importantly for a Youngstowner, a family of four can eat here for under a Jackson. There is even a bonus for those kids with small hands. When mom or dad goes to pay the bill, Junior can put his hand in the bubble gum box, keeping as much Bazooka Joe as he can pull out. My hand hasn't fit since I was 8, but I still love that crazy Bazooka Joe.


Jaci Clark said...

My dad worked at GF when I was a kid and spent many meals at the Golden Dawn. Often I would go along. Years later when I went there with a friend, I recognized the owners and told them of my many visits as a kid. Not only did they remember my dad but they allowed me to stick my hand in the Bazooka bucket and keep as much as I could hold :)
Great people! Great memories! Great food!


Patrick said...

Quite simply the greatest restaurant in the city (and, perhaps, on the face of the earth).

SarahEP said...

PLEASE do tell where this place is! My husband and I just moved to Youngstown from Baltimore and we're dying to find a local "dive" restaurant. It's actually been very hard to find, so far, this is the only one! I can't wait to check out this local landmark.

Joe Lowry said...

Sorry, I am just seeing your comment. The Golden Dawn is on Logan Avenue, near the intersection of Wick Avenue and Logan Avenue. 1245 Logan Ave, Youngstown, OH
(330) 746-0393