Thursday, May 03, 2007

YPD doesn't want to walk to work?

The Youngstown Police Association, the union which represents 117 of Youngstown's finest, recenly brought a lawsuit against the city for taking away some of their parking spaces behind the police station and subbing them for ones a few blocks away. This meant that that the PO's had to walk several blocks when coming to work or ending their shift.

Their argument against losing the spaces: YPA President Ed Colon said about 30 percent of patrol officers are older than 50, and many have unhealthy diets and health problems.

Than what are they doing as police officers anyway? While I never doubted that fat, unhealthy police existed, even in Youngstown, I would never expect that to be used as an argument as to why these guys can't walk three blocks. Hell, the walk might even do them a little good. I have a lot of respect for Youngstown cops, especially considering the crap they get from some of Youngstown citizens, but don't make stupid arguments in stupid fights with the city.

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