Monday, July 23, 2007

Downtown Hidden Gem #1

I am hoping to periodically post things from downtown that people generally don't know about. I heard of this first gem from my dad and was quick to find a magnificent room inside the Ohio One building (formerly the Ohio Edison Building, 25 East Boardman Street). This 80'x60' Great Room appears to have been the former lobby for the Ohio Edison offices as the building is addressed off of E. Boardman but the current entrance, a much smaller and less grand door, is on S. Champion. It features a 23-foot cathedral ceiling and black walnut paneling.

The room is currently locked and unused except for an apparent Christmas party, although there is no telling what year it occurred. Even to get into the building we had to convince a stern and frank looking maintenance man that we were legitimate. He informed us that the room sees little use and although the rest of the building is air conditioned, this room is not. It did have radiator heat, however.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a great room?

Mr Mills holds a Christmas party for his tenants every other year. I'm not sure if there was one in the last couple years, though.

The room was originally a showroom for appliances. (I would assume electric appliances) If you venture downstairs, there is a set of doors marked "appliance storage" next to the pop machines.

Anonymous said...

Wow...great job Youngstown Pride. I've worked for over twenty years in the Downtown. And while I have been in the building many, many times, I have never seen that room. It's such a shame to let it go to waste.

Any suggestions out there on how the community might use it in a way that would make financial sense for the building owner?

Anonymous said...

With the fantastic atmosphere of the room, I think it could make a great up-scale restaurant as an alternative to Cafe Cimmento. But, I'm not sure how much space is available for a full kitchen.

Joe Lowry said...

I think a restaurant would be a great use for the space although it would require massive renovations, including air conditioning. I am not sure there is a kitchen on that floor on the basement, but maybe the basement "appliance storage" rooms are big enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a restaurant would be great. If you look at the back of the building, there is a gravel parking lot. You can add on a nice sized full service kitchen on that footprint. If you have great food and outstanding service, what area restaurant could compete with this.