Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Question of the day

Why is Bertram de Souza's blog entitled "Stirfry"?



My guess is because his intent is to write about various topics in which he "fries" the subject(s) of of interest.

Some hate him because they feel his writing is little more than tabloid journalism and lowers our common standard by trying to pit x person/issue vs. y person/issue, redirecting attention to the emotional angles in debates (because it attracts readers) rather than discussing context, impact, or things of more substantive value. Others believe he exposes issues and individuals for what/who they are and find his columns and blog rather benefical.
I have heard good arguments for both.

Regardless, people read his stuff. I think he knows this and has titled his blog accordingly, playing to the perception.

That is my guess. I could be way off. I don't know the man so don't put much stock in my opinion.

Youngstown Pride said...

Well, it's better than my "I don't have a clue and think of Chinese food" idea...