Friday, July 20, 2007

On the road

Jack Kerouac I am not but I am traveling the highways and byways of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio this morning heading back to Youngstown. I was excited to see the first sign of civilization about 45 minutes out of DC when I pulled up next to a Falcon Trucking rig "flying" back to its nest in Yo., Oh. A little piece of home right there on I-70E.

I hope to get around the city this weekend and capture some pictures of various projects that are ongoing, including East High School, see what's left of Wilson, and some general downtown snaps. Usually I get enough to supply my blog posts for three weeks or so and then I have to resort to using no photos or whatever someone else "loans" me from Flickr.

Anyway, good morning Youngstown. I'll see you downtown this weekend.

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It was great to finally meet you. So much to discuss, so little time. Make sure to give me a heads up next time you are planning to head back to town.