Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Going up and coming down

While I was home this weekend I was able to snap a few pictures around Youngstown. Two buildings in particular are worth sharing. The first is the new music hall next to Powers Auditorium. The Beecher Flad Pavilion is comprised of a new 600-seat auditorium for orchestra, brass, and choral performances; new kitchen facilities, new dressing rooms, expanded loading docks, and soundproofing so that Powers and the new auditorium can be used simultaneously.

The second building is slated for demolition soon. The Youngstown Sheet and Tube office building is located on Martin Luther King near Division Street. The city currently has control of the building, which it obtained in March 2006. This photo was taken from the new ramp from Division Street ramp onto Robinwood. I think so, anyway. No online map has been updated to show the new streets.


Mighty Mahoning said...

My dad tells me that the Sheet and Tube building, long after it closed the first time, briefly housed a nightclub on the first floor.

LibraryTavern Liz said...

It will be kind of sad for that building to be gone.

Ytownsteelman said...

That building was put up shortly after the 1923 purchase of Brier Hill Steel by YS&T. Not many know why the building is skewed like it is, a study of the original routing of West Federal Street shows it running immediately west of MLK. Part of it still exists as Funston St. where Coronado Steel is.

The name on the top of the building should be saved at least.

Youngstown Pride said...

Ytownsteelman, I agree about saving the building marker. It would be great to see it displayed at the Museum of Labor and Industry.