Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mahoning Valley Thunder?

Apparently using the word 'Youngstown' in naming a sports team does not have the appeal of say, 'Mahoning Valley.' For the second time, a minor league sports team has moved to the area with 'Mahoning Valley' in the name. First were the Scrappers, now we are proud to introduce the Mahoning Valley Thunder, our new af2 indoor arena football team. Some pics of the presser are below.

It appears that this team will be a direct competitor for marketing with the Mahoning Valley Hitmen, an apparent hack arena football team playing at the Ice Zone in Boardman. Please check out http://mightymahoning.blogspot.com for more on that debacle!

Congressman Tim Ryan provided some remarks during the event.

The new logo of the Mahoning Valley Thunder.

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