Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good ole days

Seventy-eight years before I graduated from Ursuline, this stellar group of young lads and lasses was walking the halls of 'the old building.' This is the Ursuline High School class of 1922. They missed World War I by just three years but they suffered the depression and most likely sent their own children off to World War II. The stories they could tell, if still alive today, I'm sure could fill volumes.


Mighty Mahoning said...


There will be a press conference today in regard to the new Arena Football 2 team coming to the Chevy Centre. The rumor is that they'll be called the "Mahoning Valley Thunder." This is not the same team as the now-defunct "Hitmen" that were supposed to play at the Ice Zone. I'll keep you posted.

Mighty Mahoning said...

It's the Thunder. Article here:

And sorry about the repeat comments earlier.