Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Saturday Photo Upload

You'll Find 'Em Plump in Youngstown! What the hell does that mean? I don't know, but this early postcard is pretty funny.

I'm not sure what the Tad Fithian Agency did or where these offices were located, but it was in Youngstown.

Update: YP-
My guess is that the Tad Fithian is the modern day Fithian Contracting Co., on Market Street near the Sparkle. I think it's the same building as the one in the picture, although it's been renovated somewhat over the years.
-MM (MightyMahoning)

Stone's Restaraunt was located in downtown Youngstown in the 1950's. Sorry that this is a photo of a postcard.

Last, but not least, Parkway Towers looks very grand in this postcard. The Towers still exist at the corner of Park and Fifth.

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Unknown said...

The Tad Fithian Agency was an Insurance Company owned by my grandfather. His brother started Fithian Contracting. This building was on Market St. There are still Fithians in the area who will know the exact history (my folks still live in Boardman).