Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vote early, vote often

I am not the one who generally does this but I can't help but support a fellow firefighter. I don't personally know Jamie Goodlet, but I know people who have said he is the nicest guy, so I can't help but support him. He is a Youngstown firefighter at Station 6 on the east side. He and his fiancee Carissa are now one of four finalists in the WFMJ Today wedding contest. They could win a $65,000 all expenses paid wedding and honeymoon.

Votes are being accepted at the WFMJ Today website here.

Votes are only being accepted untill 11pm DST on Saturday, March 24th. Please take 30 seconds and put a vote in for them. They are couple #1 Carissa Smith and Jamie Goodlet. More details about their story can be found on

If you would like to wish the newly engaged couple congratulations or good luck please feel free to post it in our comments section BUT ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE VOTED FOR THEM!!!! Vote First, Congratulate Second! Thanks to everyone and let's get Carissa and Jamie a wedding they will never forget!

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