Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Changes for Downtown Youngstown

The barriers are up, and the demolition is about to begin. All of the buildings between the Youngstown Business Incubator and the Semple Building (which sits up against Home Savings & Loan) are ready to be demolished to make way for an expansion of the YBI. The YBI is bursting at the seams, especially with the success of Turning Technology, Softec and other high technology companies.

The new building is being built with federal and state funds, some of that money being secured by Congressman Tim Ryan and Senator Mike DeWine. Just a few weeks ago, Ryan, DeWine and Benjamin Erulkar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Economic Development Administration, presented a check for $2 million to the YBI to finalize the funding for the construction of the new $5.4 million building. This will be the third building to become part of the YBI.

"The new center will house graduate companies from YBI, with construction commencing in September 2006. YBI will continue to aggressively work toward leveraging the new 55,000 square foot complex into a dedicated muti-building campus focused on software development for global markets." from the YBI website.

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