Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steel Town Studios

For living in Virginia, I consider myself pretty keyed in to what is happening back home, politically, economically and culturally. Apparently, I can miss a few things. I completely missed this one. Since 2000, local artist Bob Barko has been producing art which highlights the history of Youngstown, using backdrops such as Idora Park or Youngstown Sheet and Tube to really create images which reflect the rich history of this town. I first saw his work this afternoon at the Canfield Fair, where two beautiful pieces were hung in the Fine Arts building. A (not so) quick Google search took me to his website, http://www.steeltownstudios.com/ which features information on his gallery located downtown (8 N Phelps Street) as well as information about his work and his collection of historical Youngstown memorabilia. I highly recommend that you visit his site, and drop him an email at info@steeltownstudios.com if you are interested in purchasing anything.

Originally uploaded by daysleeper47.

Originally uploaded by daysleeper47.

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Anonymous said...

hey bob :O) keep up the good work!
juliet hunter