Thursday, September 14, 2006

News and Comments

The Mahoning River Corrodor of Opportunity, the name given to the sites of the former Youngstown Sheet and Tube Campell Works, Republic Steel Haselton Works and YS&T Struthers Works, is being touted as a premier site for new business. Just last year a new $3 million bridge was built on the site of the old Stop 14 gate in to the Campbell Works. However, I am at a loss to explain why trucks are still no longer permitted to travel the 1/4 mile up Shirley Road from Poland Avenue to I-680. Why do trucks still have to travel up Walton Ave. to Midlothian to I-680, or an even more tortuous route up 616 to 224 when a more direct route to the Interstate is available via Shirley Road? Someone must have the answer!

On September 28- October 1 the Society of Industrial Archeology will hold their Fall Tour in Youngstown. The SIA will be visiting several local companies and historic sites including McDonald Steel, Castlo Industrial Park, and the GE Ohio Lamp Plant. This is the first SIA sponsored event in Youngstown, and with the rich industrial heritage we have I certainly hope won't be the last.

The Mahoning Valley Railroad Heritage Association has begun site work at their new property along Poland Avenue across the street from US Trading. A graded roadbed was put down and the track is about to be laid in preparation for bringing some of their historic rail equipment to the site. The MVRHA has an interesting colection of two dozen railroad cars used by local railroads and they have been looking for a home for them since 1988. The organization also maintains the YS&T 301, an 0-6-0 Baldwin steam locomotive at the Canfield Fairgrounds.

I've heard that the MVRHA will be sponsoring a whistle blow on the day after Thanksgiving in the B&O Station parking lot. A whistle blow is an event where dozens of steam whistles are brought in, placed on a manifold and blown on steam from a portable boiler. For anyone who has not heard the melodious chimes of a steam whistle in person, this event is a must attend! More details as I get them.

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