Sunday, September 03, 2006

MV Hitmen sink lower?

I wasn't sure it was possible until I saw it, but the MV Hitmen have reached a new low. Since I am talking about things I saw at the Canfield Fair (see Steel Town Studios below), I happened to notice that the Hitmen had a booth at the fair. Yes, a full blown, carnie-driven booth. The purpose of this booth, with the "Get Whacked" slogan slapped across the top, was to throw a football and knock down cardboard cutouts of some mafiosi. The two guys running it look like they just got out of 110 Fifth Avenue and fit in well with the mullets running the other "legitmate and fair gaming" throughout the fair. I hope no one took advantage of this "entertainment". It is a shameful attempt by a worthless hack who really doesn't care about the image of this city or region.

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Mike Prelee said...

I missed the Hitmen booth at the fair. I was all ready to take some pictures and do a post but I never came across it.