Tuesday, December 28, 2004

North Side Hospital

Today North Side Hospital on Gypsy Lane looks very unlike like it did when this picture was taken in the 1950's. This building was constructed in the 1920's. Since the late 1980's, several new buildings have been constructed in front of this facade. Origionally part of the Youngstown Hospital Association along with South Side Hospital, both were later part of the Western Reserve Health System. Soon, they were bought and today, North Side Hospital is part of the Forum Health Partners. South Side Hospital closed in the 1990's.

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William G. Walsh said...

There are so many historical dimensions to Northside Hospital. I remember this picture of the parking circle located adjacent to the front hospital entrance. It is a shame that some relatively educated people insist on tearing this place down. Such a tremendous asset to our community. Imagine what stimulus dollars could do for a place like this!

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Walsh
Concerned citizen of our community