Saturday, December 25, 2004

Youngstown in 2010...

Please check out these links. They offer a lot of insight into the current movement to bring downtown Youngstown back to a vital and successful city center!

This site was created as a community resource tool to assist in the revitalization of our downtown business district. We established ourselves in the fall of 1997 with the intent of improving Downtown Youngstown - the heart of the Mahoning Valley, through community-based action.

The City of Youngstown, Ohio, in partnership with Youngstown State University, has begun a citywide comprehensive planning initiative, called Youngstown 2010.

The initiative is broken down into three phases:

The Vision
Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan Implementation

The Youngstown 2010 Vision is a guiding document that sets out a framework for understanding and addressing the issues that Youngstown faces. It provides a community-based agenda for positive change organized around four platforms (see table below).

The Comprehensive Plan (coming soon) is the detailed framework that puts The Vision into action and sets out the specific policies that will guide the City in making both big and small decisions in order to achieve the goals of The Vision.

Four Major Vision Principles
1. Accepting that Youngstown is a smaller city.
Youngstown’s population has declined from 166,000 in 1960 to 82,000 today.
2. Defining Youngstown's role in the new regional economy.
Steel is gone. Youngstown must support industries that drive today's and tomorrow’s economy.
3. Improving Youngstown's image and enhancing quality of life.
Make Youngstown a place where people want to live, work and play.
4. A call to action
An achievable and practical action-oriented plan to make things happen.

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