Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Warning For Walkers

By Michelle Nicks

USA - Did you know the Mahoning Valley is one of the most dangerous places to take a walk?

A study just released finds that streets in the Youngstown-Warren area are becoming meaner to pedestrians.

A walk across a street like Mahoning Avenue at State Route 46 can turn in to a danger zone for pedestrians.

In fact, the Youngstown-Warren area is one of the most dangerous places in Ohio to take a walk according to a recent study.

That's why authorities say don't ignore the signs and signals because for pedestrians, it could mean your life.

We're taught it in elementary school that the green light means go when you're driving a car or truck. But if you're walking across the street, depending on your direction it could be your signal to stop.

Rules of the road, many of us ignore at the risk to our own safety.

"The people choose to cross the road where they want to," says Sgt. Rick Brown. "The law says they should cross at the intersection, and with a red light. Well people deviate from that."

The Ohio Highway Patrol in Canfield says unfortunately pedestrians who try to live by their own rules contribute to a dangerous and often deadly problem, pedestrian accidents.

A new study released by the Surface Transportation Policy Project out of Washington, D.C. found that the

Mahoning Valley is one of the most dangerous places to walk.

Drunk drivers, motorists not paying attention andjaywalkers all create a danger zone on the streets.

Federal and state funds are invested to make walking a safer form of transportation, but authorities don't think that's the problem here.

And whether you're walking or driving, being on the defensive is the only sure way to protect your safety.

URL: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/6640742/

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